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Creating the Online Presence of the Maryland Digital Transformation Center


The Maryland Digital Transformation Center (MDTC) is a hub for digital innovation that provides a collaborative ecosystem for students, faculty, and industry partners to rapidly develop and deliver digital solutions. Information Experts has been contracted to design a new website for the center, which aims to effectively communicate its mission and services to its target audience.


The Maryland Digital Transformation Center (MDTC) recognized the need for a website that effectively communicates its mission and services to its target audience. Despite its efforts to attract customers and partners, MDTC was facing low engagement and limited visibility due to a lack of an online presence.


  • Information Experts worked with MDTC to design a new website that would address these challenges.
  • The design process included gathering insights from stakeholders and end-users and focused on creating a user-friendly experience through clear and concise information, improved navigation, and visually appealing graphics.


The new website of the MDTC has had a significant impact on the center’s online presence and reputation. The improved user experience has led to increased engagement and visibility, attracting new customers and partners to the center. The website is now a valuable resource for the center’s target audience, effectively communicating the center’s mission and services.


Information Experts is proud to have played a role in the digital transformation of the Maryland Digital Transformation Center through the design of a new website. The new website has effectively addressed the challenges faced by the center and has helped to attract new customers and partners. Information Experts looks forward to continuing its collaboration with MDTC and supporting their digital transformation journey. Recently, Information Experts was engaged to work on a related website redesign for The Maryland Center at Bowie State University because of our work on the MDTC’s website.


Justin Whedon

Southern Colorado | Remote